The Trustees

Five of our Current Trustees at a recent staff presentation (left to right: Trustee Norman Maciver, Roddy MacDonald from the Grounds Maintenance team, Trustee Murdo F Campbell, Trustee Alex John Murray, Factor Iain Maciver, Trustee Catriona Murray and Trustee Donald Macleod

The Trust is administered by 10 democratically elected Trustees who serve a 6 year term.  Elections are held every three years at which 5 new Trustees are elected.  

The next election will be held in March 2021

Our Trustees – 2015 Election

Calum Maclean               since 2003

Donald Crichton             since 2009

Alex John Murray           since 2015

Murdo Murray               since 2003 (resigned March 2017)

Colin Maclean                since 2015 (resigned March 2019)

Our Trustees – 2018 Election

Norman Maciver             since 2006

Donald Macleod              since 2018

Donald Nicholson           since 2018

Catriona Murray             since 2018

Murdo F Campbell          since 2018


We currently have two unfilled Trustee positions as a result of resignations