The Trustees

Five of our Current Trustees at a recent staff presentation (left to right: Trustee Norman Maciver, Roddy MacDonald from the Grounds Maintenance team, Trustee Murdo F Campbell, Trustee Alex John Murray, Factor Iain Maciver, Trustee Catriona Murray and Trustee Donald Macleod

The Trust is administered by 10 democratically elected Trustees who serve a 6 year term.  Elections are held every three years at which 5 new Trustees are elected.  

The next election will be held in March 2021

Our Trustees – 2015 Election

Calum Maclean               since 2003

Donald Crichton             since 2009

Alex John Murray           since 2015 (resigned March 2019)*

Murdo Murray               since 2003 (resigned March 2017)*

Colin Maclean                since 2015 (resigned March 2019)*

Our Trustees – 2018 Election

Norman Maciver             since 2006

Donald Macleod              since 2018

Donald Nicholson           since 2018

Catriona Murray             since 2018

Murdo F Campbell          since 2018

* In March 2019, Trustees co-opted Kenneth A MacIver, Charles B Nicolson, and Iain MacaAulay to serve as Trustees until March 2021.