Stornoway Trust Election of Trustees – 30th March 2021


(Incorporated by Act of Parliament)



Notice is Hereby Given That


  1. The election of Trustees under Deed of Trust by the Right Honourable William Hesketh, Viscount Leverhulme of the Western Isles, dated 12th November, 1923, and Registered in the Books of Council and Session on 21st January, 1924, as the said Deed of Trust was amended (i) by a Scheme of Administration approved by the Lords of Council and Session by Decree dated 7th January and extracted on the 12th day of June both in the year 1928; (ii) in terms of the Stornoway Trust Order Confirmation Act, 1975, and (iii) by Decree of the Lords of Council and Session dated 30th November, 1993, will take place on 30th March 2021.
  2. The number of persons to be elected as Trustees is five.
  3. All persons who appear in the electoral register in respect of addresses within the area of the Trust estate and who are not subject to any legal incapacity at the date provided for are entitled to vote in the election.
  4. Any two persons, who themselves would qualify as Trustees, may nominate as a candidate any person not subject to any legal incapacity, who is qualified as an elector and who owns or occupies property within the area of the Trust estate at the date of nomination by sending to, or delivering at, the Office of the Trust, Leverhulme House, Perceval Square, Stornoway, before 4 pm on 9th March 2021, a nomination paper. Nomination papers can be had from the Estate office by prior arrangement, either via email to or by telephone on 01851 702002.  The Nomination paper must be dated and signed by two persons nominating, and by the candidate nominated, or some other persons duly authorised in that behalf and must contain the names in full, places of abode and designations of the two persons making the nomination, and of the candidate nominated.  On receipt of a nomination paper, the Returning Officer may require candidates to produce such evidence that they are the owners or occupiers of property within the areas of the Trust estate as the Returning Officer in his sole discretion shall consider satisfactory and failing the Returning Officer being so satisfied, he shall reject the nomination.
  5. Any candidate may be withdrawn by notice of withdrawal given to the Returning Officer at the Office of the Trust, Leverhulme House, Perceval Square, Stornoway, not later than 4 pm on 16th March 2021, provided that no such withdrawal shall be competent when its effect would be to reduce the total number of persons nominated for election below the number of persons to be elected as Trustees and provided also that such notices shall have effect in the order in which they are delivered. The notice of withdrawal must be signed by the candidate or some other person duly authorised by him/her in that behalf.
  6. As soon as possible after the date mentioned in the preceding regulation, a list will be published of the candidates nominated and not withdrawn, giving the full names, places of abode, and designations of such candidates.
  7. In the event of the election being contested, all voting shall be a postal ballot with those eligible to vote being sent a ballot paper to return by post.
  8. The deadline for receipt of postal votes shall be noon on 30th March 2021.
  9. Due to Covid19 restrictions the provision of a ballot box shall not be available in the Estate office on this occasion.
  10. Each Elector may give one vote and no more for each of any number of candidates not exceeding the number to be elected. A BALLOT PAPER IS INVALID ON WHICH [a] a cross is placed opposite the names of more than the number of candidates to be elected; or [b] it cannot be determined for which candidate or candidates the vote is recorded; or [c] any mark is placed by the voter by which he/she may afterwards be identified.




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