Iain Maciver: 25 Years as Factor

On Friday evening, staff, trustees and their spouses gathered at the Cabarfeidh Hotel to celebrate Iain Maciver’s 25th anniversary as Estate Factor.

The current Chairman, Norman Maciver , spoke of Iain’s dedication to the post, of his public conduct as Factor, and his impressive memory. He then presented Iain with a painting by Ivor Mackay, and an inscribed shepherd’s crook as tokens of the Trust’s appreciation. Mairi, Iain’s wife, was presented with a bouquet of flowers.

After Iain had responded with his characteristic display of memory, recalling his early years in post, further tributes were paid to him by former Chairmen, Coinneach Maciomhair, and Charlie Nicolson.

Coinneach regaled the company with recollections of colourful public meetings at which both he and Iain had been, and spoke of the legacy that has been built over the past quarter-century.

Charlie then spoke warmly of Iain as someone who had been a friend to his staff, and to the Trustees throughout his time in post. He echoed all that had been said about his integrity and capability, and wished him many more years as our Factor.

In case there are any budding historians, or eagle-eyes pedants among you, however, I am duty-bound to point out that Iain actually became Factor in 1993. You will realise, therefore, that his 25th anniversary fell in 2018. The official line is, that having been an election year for the Trust, other matters were bumped down the agenda for a time.

However, I can exclusively reveal that the delay was caused by the Trust having been all-male, a bit dim about anniversaries, and getting the date wrong.

Nonetheless, staff, trustees and – I am sure – the wider community would wish to pay tribute to Iain Maciver for his continuing commitment to the pivotal role of Estate Factor. We are proud of the manner in which he acquits himself, both publicly and in all his dealings with his team, and the trustees. It is our privilege to know him, and to work alongside him for the benefit of this estate.