Invitation to the Stornoway Trust Nursery – Tuesday 28th May

The Stornoway Trust Nursery, located above the sawmill in the Castle Grounds, has, thanks to a grant from the Postcode Lottery, been working on its rejuvenation now for almost a year. Initially tasked with propagating native trees to re stock the Castle Grounds, we have now branched out into other areas, including the growing of produce for the Woodlands Centre.

The Trust would like to invite people who have an interest in plant propagation, or an interest in what future plans we have for the site, to come  and see the growing facilities and talk about the different methods we use to propagate our plants, and the problems that can occur.  It will be an informal session with some entertainment.

We plan on hosting this session on the 28th May 2019 at approximately 10.30am.

In order to get an idea of numbers, can you please let the Estate Office know if you plan to attend, on or tel 702002

We look forward to welcoming you!