February Meeting – Summary of Minutes

At the February meeting of the Stornoway Trust, the following items – in addition to those already reported separately – were discussed:
A number of instances of vandalism in and around the Castle Grounds, resulting in damage to Trust properties.
Salt Barn
Talks are continuing regarding the location of this proposed Salt Barn, in conjunction with Comhairle nan Eilean Siar.
Point and Sandwick Development Trust
Trustees noted that projects had received the initial payment from the 2017 fund, but that subsequent payments cannot be made until PSDT transfers the awaited 2018 tranche to the Stornoway Trust.
Arnish Point Lease
The outcome of negotiations with HIE is eagerly awaited by Trustees.
HIAL v Melbost & Branahuie
Trustees noted that the Scottish Land Court had rejected HIAL’s application, instead finding in favour of the respondents (Melbost and Branahuie) who claimed an existing interest in the land, which they believed to be under crofting tenure.
It is expected that HIAL will appeal the decision.
Scottish Water: Back – Tolsta Water Main
Trustees approved the terms negotiated with Scottish Water for the two sites required for the installation of the new water main.
Aiginish 50B Application
Trustees noted that the Crofting Commission had refused the hostile 50b application on the grounds that it would be detrimental to the landlord. The appeal period runs for 42 days from 24 January.
Melbost & Branahuie, Sandwick & Lower Sandwick, and Sandwick North Street Common Grazing
Trustees noted that the Crofting Commission and the Stornoway Trust had had made further representation to the Scottish Land Court in response to the appeal lodged by the three twnships.
Western Isles Salmon Fishery Board
Trustees were pleased to see the WISFB reestablished under a new management team, having obtained the statutory consent required from the Sheriff, the previous board having fallen into abeyance.
Pentland Wind Farm
The meeting welcomed news that the £55k of grants committed by Peter Crone and Michael Huntingford of the Pentland Wind Farm have now been paid out to thirteen local groups, as part of a three-year commitment.
Forsa Energy
Trustees were informed that the Scottish Land Court has now set dates for a hearing of the objections raised against the proposed Druim Leathann Wind Farm.
Community Wind Farm Consortium
Trustees were pleased to see plans for the above project, proposed for a site on the Arnish moor, making good progress.
Knock & Swordale Community Turbine
Trustees welcomed the cooperation between the Knock & Swordale grazing committee and Lewis Wind Power in this project.
Woodlands In and Around Town (WIAT) Scheme
It was noted that the Castle Grounds Ten Year Management Plan is in the final stages of completion. The plan will then go out for consultation for the statutory twenty-eight day public notification period.
There may be scope for other opportunities under WIAT, outwith the Castle Grounds., but in the Stornoway area.
Castle Grounds Regeneration Project Board
Having discussed the fact that Colin MacLean had not been a regular attendee at meetings, leaving the Stornoway Trust under-represented, Trustees agreed that Catriona Murray should replace him on the project board.
Stornoway Trust Web Page
Trustees agreed that the new site should go live as a work in progress, rather than waiting until every section had been populated.
Among the further items considered at the meeting were:
Offers of Pre-emption
One property.
Applications for Title in Terms of the Crofting Reform (Scotland) Act 2010
One application.
Applications for Assignation of a Croft Tenancy
Five applications.
Notification of Applications for Tenancy by Executries to the Crofting Commission
Three notifications.
Applications to Sublet Tenancy of a Croft
Five applications.
Applications for Feus
Two items.
Applications for Land
Three applications.
Applications for Use of Lews Castle Policies
Five applications.
Notification of Croft Registration
Three notifications.
Applications for Financial Assistance
Two applications.
Applications for a Wayleave
Two applications.
Five items.
Plans Submitted
Six notices.
Documents for Signature
Three documents.