Renewables Update

At the February meeting of the full Trust, the following update was received from Lewis Wind Power.

Revised Scheme

The consultation events held on 12th/13th February were very well attended by the public, who came to view the displays and speak to the project team.

Studies of the site are at varying stages, with some investigations completed in early February and ornithological surveys continuing into March. An ecological survey will be carried out with a view to identify opportunities for enhancing the wider habitat.

Section 19a Scheme for Development

A decision from the Scottish Land Court is still awaited, with expectation that the next step will be a full evidential hearing.

Section 50b Application (Aiginish)

This has been rejected by the Crofting Commission on similar grounds to the applications from three other townships.

Construction and Engineering

Work is continuing with turbine manufacturers and civil engineers to optimise the project and refine the construction plans.


The community and stakeholder liaison team continue to meet with relevant stakeholders, including the crofting townships within the project area. Communications relating to the most recent consultation event are complete, including updates on the LWP website.

The meeting supported both the Trust’s and LWP’s continuing commitment towards keeping the community well informed on how the plans progress towards a revised planning consent option.