Stornoway Trust Nursery

Friday 1st March 2019

Wheelchair friendly benches under construction

The development of the Stornoway Trust nursery continues apace, Trustees heard at their February meeting.    

New wheelchair friendly paths being constructed at the Nursery

Thanks to funding from the People’s Postcode Lottery, the project team has been able to construct new benches for the polytunnels and cold frames, which has facilitated planning for greater plant production. The polytunnels have been upgraded with new parts, and new or repaired doors, which have improved ventilation for the plants and provided a more comfortable working environment for our service users.

New equipment has also been purchased, encompassing some basic gardening tools required by the service users, but also a new heated water propagation unit and a heated bench.

The funding has also enabled good progress with restocking – there are now more than 1500 young native saplings, and almost 2000 cuttings, which cover a wide variety of species. In addition, there is a quantity of seed which has been sown and is awaiting germination.

While the site still requires quite a bit of improvement, some advance has been made with the drainage system – new drainage material and repairs to the water pipes having made a significant difference.

This funding has enabled the Trust to improve facilities which are directly provided for our service users. A new polytunnel for their exclusive use has been provided, which they are very pleased about. There are also plans to use some of the money to upgrade the toilet facilities and hot water provision for our service users, to ensure a more comfortable working environment.

The Stornoway Trust is grateful to the People’s Postcode Lottery for its help in funding this project.