Friday 15th February 2019 – More than a Quarter of a Million Pounds from Pentland Wind Farm

Pentland Wind Farm has recently committed £250,000 to the local community.

They received their cheques from Stornoway Trustees, who nominated groups representing a range of activities across the islands to receive much-needed financial support.

The Pentland Wind Farm has a generation capability of 18mw. This is currently capped at13.8mw due to restricted capacity on the local grid, which also has to accommodate anumber of community turbines.  As a consequence, crofters with shares in the Stornoway General Grazing, receive an annual rent from Pentland, currently at £59,000 plus uplift, (which averages £20,000 p.a.). This is set to rise to £76,000 plus uplift with the creation of an interconnector.

The Western Isles Development Trust also receives a community benefit payment from Pentland Wind Farm, which varies with output, but is not less than £20,000 per annum, and rose to £54,000 at its highest so far.